About Us

Welcome to AVA’S Book Publishers!

AVA’S Book Publishers is a self-publishing company that was started in 1999. It was created to meet the need to publish our books with a minimum amount of capital to invest.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to write, publish, and distribute books and other training resources that will encourage

  • deacons and deaconesses of the twenty-first century to rediscover their biblical roots and reshape their ministry so that it will reflect the ministry of the deacons and deaconesses of the first-century Christian church; and
  • health-conscious people to prepare nutritious vegan meals that are appealing, delicious, and simple to prepare.

About Our Authors

Dr. Vincent E. White, Sr. is a graduate of Oakwood University, B.A. in Theology and Social Work; Andrews University Theological Seminary, M.Div., D.Min.; University of Kentucky, MSW; and University of Tennessee, CPE training. Dr. White has a passion for learning and teaching. He is a retired ordained minister and has conducted training seminars for deacons and deaconesses throughout North America. Dr. White is also the author of Problem Solvers and Soul Winners: A Handbook for Deacons and Deaconesses.

Audrey White is a Huntsville, AL based author, wife, mother, and humanitarian. She began experimenting with various vegan recipes over 25 years ago in order to provide nutritional meals for her family and friends. As her popularity grew, she began teaching cooking classes and wrote her first cookbook, Angel’s Sweet Tooth, featuring dairy-free dessert recipes for health-conscious people; followed by, Vegetarian Recipes for Busy People, a handy cookbook written with busy cooks in mind. Audrey enjoys spending summers with her grandchildren, interior designing, hosting dinners, and assisting in local community service efforts.

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